Main Types of Gas Lighters

Lighting a match is the last thing you want to do when barbecuing. Because of the risk of self or other fire burn, lighters are so widely used. However, there are various gas lighters available if you prefer to use a lighter gas flint.

Here are several varieties:

Pistol-shaped lighters

These firearm-like lighters are made for lighting cigarettes and cigars. They have a trigger that enables one-handed lighting of the flame. This makes them ideal for those who must always have both hands free, such as smokers who may be operating a vehicle or completing another work while smoking a cigarette.

A flint lighter

The original type of lighter, flint lighters, are still widely used since they are affordable, sturdy, and simple to use even when donning gloves or mittens (if you live in cold climates). Additionally, they are simple to refuel as necessary.

Blue Flame Lighter

Blue Flame Lighter Butane gas is the fuel used by a blue flame lighter. Inside the lighter’s body, butane is converted to vapor before being lit by a piezoelectric crystal or an electric spark. The “blue” flame created by this sort of lighter is referred to as such because it appears hotter than it actually is, although burning at no temperature lower than its surroundings because of how swiftly it burns.

Cigar lighters

There are two primary types of cigar lighters: single flame and double flame. They are made exclusively for lighting cigars. Small blue flames produced by single flame lighters might not be hot enough to ignite larger cigars. For lighting smaller cigars or cigarettes, double flame lighters are preferable since they produce more heat.

Floating Lighter

Due to their propensity to float on liquids like water, floating lighters get their name. These lighters are less likely to sink into the liquid if they fall overboard because they have an interior chamber filled with air that displaces the combustible gas. These lighters have a built-in cap on the top that covers the tank’s top when it is not in use, keeping water out when not in use. Both butane and propane floating lighters are available.

Butane Lighter

To light and remain lighted for a long time, this sort of lighter employs butane as fuel. This implies that it can be constantly used until there is no longer any fuel in its tank without having to be re-lit after each usage. Because butane lighters don’t require any upkeep or cleaning after each use, they are often referred to as disposable lighters.

Cigar Lighter

This sort of lighter is developed especially for people who prefer smoking cigars over other tobacco products like cigarettes or pipes. Cigar lighters are made to give exactly the right amount of heat so that your cigar burns evenly during your smoking session without damaging its wrapper or tip.

Flame lighter

No, you should use a flame lighter to light your pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and other items. These lighters don’t have a flame, but instead they generate heat to ignite a flame. They are also referred to as spark or plasma lighters. The flammable materials are ignited by electromagnetic waves that are produced by the devices.

Outdoor Lighter

Windproof lighters are another name for water-resistant lighters. Because of its ability to self-ignite, these lighters can be used in any weather. They are the ideal complement to your collection of accessories because they are available in a variety of hues and patterns. Electricity can be used to charge these lighters, but they can also be used for extended periods of time without recharging without losing functionality.


The best lights to use in exceptionally bad weather, such as rain, snow, or strong winds, are probably gas lighters. The gas tanks survive longer because they are impervious to moisture. They do have drawbacks, including as high purchase costs and the very flammable liquid fuel in their tanks. But gas lighters can last you for many years if you take the right safety precautions.



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